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How I finance my wanderlust | PayDay Investor

How I finance my wanderlust | PayDay Investor

One of the questions I get asked most often is "Maggie, how are you able to afford all these trips"?. My answer usually begins with a chuckle, or full-fledged laugh depending on who is asking and the degree of shock registered on their face.

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First, the truth is that we spend money on what we value. So, if ‘slaying’ is your thing, your money will naturally go to boutiques. If food is your thing, restaurants will have your wallet. Since travelling and tourism hold the strings to my heart, airlines and hotels have my mumu button.

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But it’s more than just passion though. There is a lot of intentional planning and budgeting involved. Usually, I allocate a substantial chunk of my income to travelling. I typically transfer the stipulated amount from my regular account to my travel account. That’s why I was so excited when I discovered this really cool investment app- PayDay Investor

One take away though is that with everything in life, it takes a lot more than wishes, you have to be intentional towards saving to travel.



So, the way the app works is that you register, add your card and create your goal. You will be required to fill in a number of personal details. This is strictly for KYC purposes, as requested by the regulator.

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Your goal is what you would like to invest towards and how much you are willing to set aside periodically, could be monthly or weekly. The app then ensures money is moved from your account on those days and invested for you in a mutual fund.

Of course, my goal is forever travel, tourism, wanderlust or whatever you choose to call it.

What is really cool is that not only does the app help with the discipline of consistent saving, it actually invests for me which means I get more than I put in.

So, if my next trip to Zanzibar will cost N600K for instance and I set a goal to go there in December. I have like 8 months to plan. Normally, if I save just N75K every month in a bank, I’ll have the N600K by December but if I invest that N75K monthly with PayDay Investor, I’ll have more than the N600K I need, since the money will be invested in the Money Market Fund for me and the interest is usually substantial, as much as 16% sometimes (As at the date of this publication, it is 15.7077% compounded). Isn’t that just awesome?!.

You don’t have any excuses anymore. With such a great app, you can actually travel every year, or even twice a year without any strain on your pocket.

It’s worth checking out guys. Learn more about the app here.

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A Nigerian abroad exploring China

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