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Atican Beach

Atican Beach

As you must have read here, Naijanomads and I had a trip to Atican beach. The beach is a delightful private beach with the view of the Atlantic ocean, located 10-15mins from Abraham Adesanya Estate, Ajah on a motorable road. It is one of the most relaxed beaches I have ever gone to. 


  1. As you will notice from my pictures, the place is not crowded. The ambience is quiet and peaceful. Though, it might have been quiet because it rained on the day we visited.

  2. It's a super clean beach (not filthy with garbage)

  3. There's a play area for kids which can keep them engaged.

  4. The toilet was usable but more can be done to uplift the place

  5. You are allowed to bring in your food and drinks


  1. There are horse rides which you have to pay N1,000 or so but generally the entertainment is limited. 

  2. Limited or no water sports. Not exactly sure if it is because of rip current but it looked perfect for surfing.

Note that there's a gate fee of N1,000. I remember we had forgotten to use the ATM but the security men had the corporate account details of the resort, so we transferred cash. Nice 'init'. We also noticed a restaurant and a hotel but we didn't try either of them, so I can't comment much on it.

Here goes my pictures...


Final verdict

This beach should attract more beautiful people in skimpy swim attire. Anyway, I just wonder why the wide and fine, sand-covered beach is not a popular spot for fashion photo shoots. Someday soon, we will appreciate what we have at home but that's not to say I'm not still dreaming of returning to South Africa, specifically Cape Town. 

Highly recommended. This beach is worth a visit.

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