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The Acropolis Park | The Abuja city tour (6/6)

The Acropolis Park | The Abuja city tour (6/6)

The city tour with Globe Jaunters ended with relaxation at the Acropolis park. Wow! I was blown away.  Acropolis park is a replica of the Greek Acropolis in Athens, Greece and it is located at the Apo resettlement in Abuja.

Perfect place for that unconventional wedding, panics and a beautiful personalised event. There are plans to build a hill top restaurant which mirrors the Parthenon (the hall on the Acropolis in Greece).

It appears that I was blown away by an uncompleted project, as I found out on the Acropolis website. Just Imagine what the finished product will look like.

.....after touring Abuja (Please read all the articles on The Abuja City Tour), we had a chill at the park, watched the beautiful sun go down and muched on loads of small chops and drinks.

Below are a few pictures to show you what The Acropolis Park looks like today 

IMG_1736 (2).JPG
IMG_1737 (2).JPG
IMG_1740 (2).JPG
IMG_1750 (2).JPG
IMG_1759 (2).JPG
IMG_1761 (2).JPG
IMG_1896 (2).JPG

Final words

This brings us to the end of the Abuja city tour series.

I loved every single moment and locations we explored. I was particularly excited to discover the Acropolis Park. It was such a pleasant surprise considering I have toured Abuja in the past and never heard of the place.

To all my co-explorers and the organiser, thank you. I look forward to move trips with you guys.

Have you heard of or visited the Acropolis Abuja before? Which other places do you suggest we explore within Abuja.

Thanks for reading and until my next adventure, be kind to one another.


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