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Breakfast at Olivia's Cafe | Nuts About Cakes

Breakfast at Olivia's Cafe | Nuts About Cakes

I recommend Olivia's cafe for a good English breakfast. It also has a quiet and chilled ambience that is suitable for working as well.

Looking for where to have breakfast in Lagos can be a bit of a daunting exercise. Thank goodness I found Nuts About Cake. How?...

Sometime in 2013, I went to visit my Performance Manager with my cousin who happens to be a "anything flour' lover. She tried to offer us some home made food but we sighted the bread sitting majestically on the table and opted for that instead. So she brought all the complements (eggs, cornbeef etc) and served us. Lawd! The bread was so succulent and sweet. Shamelessly, we asked her where she purchased it and Nuts About Cakes was born in our hearts.

From that moment we were hooked. However, quickly I realised they had a cafe called Olivia's cafe where you can have a perfect breakfast. More than the breakfast is the chilled environment and perfect working space, should you need a quiet place to work.

Olivia's cafe is one of my go-to places for breakfast, especially the full English breakfast. My pictures below will convince you.

IMG_6169 (2).JPG

Final thoughts

For someone that has breakfast at Olivia's cafe as regularly as she can, she definitely recommends it. It will be great to have free WiFi in the cafe though.

Visit Nuts About Cake's website for more information

Thanks for reading always. Have to visited Olivia's cafe before or bought pasteries at Nuts About Cake? Is your recommendation same as mine? Please do share your expereince with us.


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