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Nature hangout at Lekki Conservation Centre

Nature hangout at Lekki Conservation Centre

Do you know that Nigeria is home to the longest canopy walk way (estimated at over 400 meters long) in Africa, and the second longest in the world?! Well, here is my travel story.

In 2013, long after I returned back to Nigeria (yup, I'm also a returnee, LMAO!) I was looking for outdoor thrills that was near my home in Lekki. After a series of research, I discovered the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC), a Nature reserve, sited on over 70 hectares of land and located opposite Chevron.

I was more than excited on the day I visited the conservation centre that all I wanted to do was sit and stare at nature. Actually, LCC offers more than a chill and the following can be found within the centre:

  1. Animal life (Peacocks, tortoise, birds, monkeys etc)

  2. Some tropical plants

  3. A cone shaped building with animal artefacts

  4. Picnic area with fish ponds 

  5. Relaxation area under the trees

  6. Floor games (life size Chess board, Ludo, Snake and ladder

  7. 21M high tree house 

  8. A canopy walk way with a bird's eye view of the forest

On my first trip in 2013, the canopy walk was non-existent, however, I returned in 2016 when I heard of the canopy walk. Unfortunately, I was too terrified to go all the length of walking the canopy walk. So, I took a few nice pictures and called it a day. Please eat some bravery nuts before embarking on the adventure of walking the longest canopy walk way.

Lest I forget, the longest rainforest canopy walkway in the world is in Sungai Sedim recreational park, Malaysia and it is estimated to be 950 meters long (almost twice that of Nigeria). 

LCC entry fee was N1,000 plus N2,000 for the canopy walk (if memory serves me right).

My photos can tell more of my story.

SAM_0018 - Copy.JPG
SAM_0022 - Copy.JPG
SAM_0023 - Copy.JPG
SAM_0020 - Copy.JPG
SAM_0021 - Copy.JPG

Final thoughts

The thrill for me was relaxing at the centre, wading through nature, sighting the Canopy walk way and the tree house (which at the time was non-functional). 

Just to mention, be conservative with your expectations and do not expect to see a lot of animals especially the crocodiles (that's if they still exist there).

Address: KM 19, Lekki-Epe Expressway

Please visit NCF (Nigerian Conservation Foundation) for more details.

Thanks for reading always and staying glued!.Bless.


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