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Ibeno Beach

Ibeno Beach

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Ibeno is a local government area in Akwa Ibom. The beach is one of the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean but more importantly it is the longest beach in Africa stretching to James Town.

Exxon Mobil's QIT (Qua Iboe terminal) which processes crude oil for export around the world is located at Ibeno, off the Atlantic Ocean. In 2010 (and probably more recently), there was a report of oil spill on the beach which I think has been mopped up nicely. 


  1. The beach is pretty clean.

  2. With Exxon Mobil's presence, there are quite a number of security and guards patrol in the area. Hence, it's safe.

  3. Ibeno holds a lot history. It was the landing site for one of the most successful christian missions in Nigeria - the Qua Iboe christian mission from Scotland which arrived in the early 20th century. 

  4. It's a peaceful place to have a nice stoll or perhaps, engage in some water sports or horse rides.

  5. I heard that at night the gas flares from ExxonMobil's platform create a gleaming image of the sea.

  6. There are local restaurants around


  1. Distance. It is over one hour drive from Uyo.

  2. There is no resort in the area where one can relax for a night or two. Though there are low cost hotels in the town. Please, Ignore that fancy picture you see online, it doesn't exist. See here and here. Well, I didn't see it

Ibeno Beach

Ibeno Beach


Thanks for always reading and staying tuned! I will love to read from you, have you visited Ibeno/Ibeno beach before? Was your expectation met?


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